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Student school fees

Salt & Light longs for the children of the next generation to receive the education which the past generation missed, at least at primary level. They have opened a school offering a kindergarten and grades 1-6. Even so, however, parents are having to withdraw their children because they can’t meet the fees.  

US$10 per term, per kindergarten student   
US$20 per term, per primary student
In total the school currently has 120 students.

Completion of school construction
The basic structure of the school has been built and is already in use. It is far from finished, though. It has a dirt floor, no windows or doors, is not weather proof and has no hygienic toilet system. To  complete its construction, builders have prepared an estimate. (Detailed quote available.)

Building completion: US$9,000
Toilets construction: US$3,000

Text books
The cost of Ugandan curriculum text books: US$250 per class per year (total needed: 10 classes)


During the twenty years of civil war with the Lord’s Resistance Army, an entire generation grew up in camps without any education. Now, as adults, and young parents, they  have almost no way of generating income. Educationally speaking, theirs is a lost generation. In Kitgum, Salt & Light are offering adult vocational training to give these men and women employable skills.  

Bakery course with residential training: US$400
Construction/mechanics training, with tool set: US$260  
Dress-making course, with sewing machine provided: US$500


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