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Mid 2017, David and his wife Catherine gave birth to a little boy, Peter. He was a strong baby, born at 4.9 kgs, who initially thrived. After just  two weeks, though, he contracted pneumonia. Catherine rushed him to the local clinic where he was put on oxygen. He responded well but an electricity failure cut the power to the machine. The staff sought to reinstate it from a generator but could not do so in time. After just a few minutes, little Peter had died.


Salt & Light would love other families to be spared the deep pain that followed Peter’s death. They are exploring the provision of a solar powered unit that would keep essential systems running when the erratic power supply fails.

Solar power back up unit to keep essential machines working during frequent power outage. Cost: Approx. US$10,000



A mysterious illness has struck many children in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. It arrests children’s brain development  and causes an extreme form of epilepsy which can often be fatal.


International research is unable to diagnose it, after years of work. Families in the Kitgum area struggle.  There is medicine which helps relieve symptoms, but it is costly and many can’t afford that as well as their daily needs.

Salt & Light is developing a food/medical fund for those families affected. Donation: US$30 or above. 

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